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Wear Resistant Tiles

Wear Resistant Tiles and Liners

Bulk material movement, involving sliding, very often causes heavy wear of the equipment used, resulting in damage to equipment, lower reliability, production losses and lower capacity utilization.

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Installation of wear resistant ceramics liners is a solution, in fact a necessity in today's competitive environment, where equipment availability and low operating costs are essential.

Ravituff Alumina liners have a high density of 3.5 gm/cc, high hardness for superior wear limiting capabilities, high resistance to temperature changes for more energy input and short grinding cycles and extremely fine micro structure for nil contamination of material being ground.

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Ravituff 90 Alumina Liners and Tiles come in two types :

  1. Weld able Tiles : Tiles with a metal ferrule in a tapered hole for plug welding onto the base steel, and a ceramic cap to protect the ferrule.
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  2. Plain Tiles : Tiles that can be pasted on the area to be lined, providing a smooth, hard and wear resistant surface. For complex profiles, we offer pre-engineered tiles for optimizing the lining life. CAD is used to ensure a good fit for the contours of the lining surface.

    For non standard profiles and applications, we are willing to study your requirement in detail and offer you a custom designed product to improve your plant operation and solve your wear problems.

    Ravituff linings are ready to install, rugged, reliable and give trouble free life.

    Our continuous efforts to improve our products enable us to handle profiles like square to round transitions, flow splitters and other surfaces that do not conform to regular geometric shapes systematically, resulting in very good product quality and repeatability.

Most common applications of Ravituff90 Alumina liners are :

  1. Ball mills are used for milling and particle size reduction of materials in various industries like white cement, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, paints, ceramic glazing, ceramic inks and colours for the glass industries. Ravituff 90 Alumina liners are best options for such application due to its high density, a hardness property which enables to achieve faster grinding and finer particle size distribution.
  2. Cyclone separators used in coal washeries and mineral handling are subject to severe abrasion and suffer heavy wear. We regularly supply liners for cyclone separators of the highest quality for these demanding applications. Our liners are best option for low downtime, high reliability and consistent performance throughout its long life.

The other most common applications of Ravituff 90 Alumina liners are in industries like :

Mineral Processing Industry :

  • Pipes and Bends
  • Cyclones

Cement Industry :

  • Cement Mill Liners
  • Pipes and Bends

Ceramic Tile Industry :

  • Ball Mill Liners

Thermal Power Stations :

  • Fuel Inlet elbows and Mill out elbows
  • Pipe and Bends
  • Mill ID Lining

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