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About Us

Testing Facilities

Our laboratory is equipped with sophisticated equipment and instruments like:

  1. Fluctural strength testing machine for testing modulus of rupture.
  2. Viscometer for controlling glaze flow and properties.
  3. Other instruments and equipment for various ceramic and chemical testing, and
  4. Well equipped pilot plant for various body and glaze development.

The RCPL factory is equipped with special testing facilities such as

  1. High frequency transformer.
  2. Power frequency testing transformer.
  3. Hydraulic proof testing for Disc Insulator Shell.
  4. Disc string testing facility.
  5. Impulse generator..
  6. Universal Testing Machine.
  7. Thermal Mechanical Testing Unit
  8. Multi-directional bend test unit
  9. Hydraulic pressure testing for Hollow Insulators.
  10. and Vibration Testing.
  11. Ultrasonic - Testing on Solidcore & Hollow Insulator.

These are in addition to the regular testing facilities.