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Electrical Ceramics

LT Electrical Porcelain (KER 110)

The field of technical ceramics began with the development of porcelain in 1849. Today, porcelain is primarily used in electro-technical applications.

Porcelain is a very good insulator against electrical currents, even at high temperature. It provides a high dielectric strength and imparts resistance to corrosion, creep and aging. Also, it is highly resistant to temperature and a number of chemicals.

Since last four decades, RCPL has continued to be a market leader in India for its range of LT electrical porcelain. The range offered by RCPL in LT electrical porcelain includes fuse bases ranging from 5 Amps to 500 Amps, Different electrical accessories like switches, sockets, kit kat fuses, shackle insulators, guy strain insulators etc.

The range of other products offered by us in porcelain are grinding media, mill liners etc. Tailor made components can be made to customers' specification at very competitive terms.

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